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Our History

We have always wondered why people wear customised T-Shirts. We thought long and hard about it and one day, the reason came to us. It is very simple; We want to stand out from the crowd, to have our own unique identity, to have our own voice in this cluttered world. We want to feel like we belong, like we are a part of something great! Which was why T-SHIRT GUYS was born—to provide the best T-shirt printing in Singapore that makes every individual and corporation outstanding and unique!  

We didn’t want to just print T-Shirts.  We wanted to go beyond just making you look great in our high quality T-Shirts.  We are obsessed with creating a unique identity for your organisation, transforming Groups into Teams, Gatherings into Occasions and Moments into Memories.  Our T-Shirts give you the voice, the power to feel like you’re part of something, something BIG, something HUGE, something FANTASTIC!!!!


Why Us?


T-SHIRT GUYS promise to provide top-notch T-shirt printing services as well as the finest quality products on time and with a smile. Everything we do focuses around you. Which is why you don’t have to come to us, we will come to you. We ensure that your customised T-shirts Printing will be done on time, accurately, and delivered exactly when you need them. We go beyond quoting what you ask for. We provide you with multiple quotes and let you have a choice! Convenience, Quality and Going the Extra Mile….that’s the T-SHIRT GUYS way.


We, T-Shirt Guys want to create a relationship far more than just customer and supplier. We want to forge a FRIENDSHIP with you. Give us a chance to start off this relationship and definitely you will feel the DIFFERENCE between US and the others!


Behind every awesome design is a great T-shirt to print on. The sky is the limit when it comes to shirt printing in Singapore with us. We offer a wide range of designs and colours of Polo Collar T-Shirts, Mock Neck T-Shirts and Round Neck T-Shirts. Made of High Quality Fabric, our great T-Shirts combined with our advance T-Shirt printing techniques means that you and your group will not only look great but feel great at the same time! Nothing Is Impossible here with T-Shirt Guys.


We’ve worked hard for your orders and we deserve to check out your satisfied look when it’s completed.  Which is why at T-SHIRT GUYS, we deliver your Printed T-Shirts personally to you FREE.  Providing you with all the flexibility and convenience you can ever get.  Give us a chance to meet up with you and we look forward to a start of a great friendship.

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