T-Shirt Printing Singapore

When it comes to quality t-shirt printing services in Singapore at cheap and affordable prices, look no further than the T-Shirt Guys.

Corporate Clients

Build greater synergy and teamwork with colleagues, employees, and team members with a beautiful company tee.

A Corporate Favourite

While there are a variety of t-shirt printing services that looks great, our corporate clients love embroidery printing for bringing out premium crisp clear company logos.

Class / CCA T-Shirts

Let's get people raving about your class tees with our suite of printing services guaranteed to surprise your friends.

Fantastic Price for Bulk Orders

If you're printing in bulk for your classmates and friends, then silkscreen printing is the perfect choice for you as you get beautiful colour intensity with long-lasting results.

Individuals / Couples

Showcase a unique and personalised design that truly represents who you are on a t-shirt with full colour printing.

Popular Among Designers

A perfect balance of cost and quality, the digital heat transfer method is great for low quantity t-shirt printing making it ideal for yourself or a partner.

T-shirt printing services


High quality apparels with short turnover time.
Plus: No Express Fees!

shirt printing Singapore


Each batch of printed t-shirts always undergo strict quality checks before they're sent out.

T shirt supplier Singapore


We deliver your custom printed t-shirts directly to your doorstep. Absolutely free.

cheap T shirt printing Singapore


Cheap t-shirt printing in Singapore at affordable rates and definitely within your budget.

It's no secret.

customised t-shirt, specially designed for your group of friends, company, or community, really creates a unique identity. An identity that makes you stand out from the crowds or a voice that booms through the masses.

That's why at T-Shirt Guys, we don’t want to just print another t-shirt.  We want to go even beyond high-quality personalised t-shirts. We are obsessed with creating a unique identity for your organisation, transforming groups of people into teams, gatherings into occasions and moments into memories.

Our t-shirts give you the voice, the power to feel like you’re part of something BIG, something HUGE, something FANTASTIC!!!!

Key Reasons for Creating Custom T-Shirts

As a custom t-shirt supplier, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with clients from all walks of life, in many different industries around Singapore.

Whether it is for a class tee, a school’s CCA club, a company event, an organisation’s uniform, or any other type of exhibition, the fact remains, you need matching tees. It creates unity among the team when everyone is dressed in similar outfits with a matching design or logo.

After all, from corporate t-shirts to sports jersey, the ultimate goal is to have everyone wearing an individual outfit that matches the group with the designs clearly visible.

That’s where our advanced t-shirt printing techniques will help you achieve those crisp clear designs regardless of the type of material you want.

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Our Range of T-Shirt Printing Techniques

Depending on the type of design and your preferred fabric, different types of printing techniques might be more suitable to achieve a bright and clear effect.

We’ve included the various techniques we deploy here at T-Shirt Guys:

How We Keep Our Services Cheap & Affordable

There are several things to consider when it comes to affordable t-shirt printing. In most cases, a larger quantity provides economy of scale which lowers down the average price of each individual t-shirt.

Naturally, the design size you’re requesting for also plays a part as it determines the “per inch of fabric” amount of printing with a larger design resulting in a higher price.

For your reference and consideration, we’ve included the 5 key factors that determines your t-shirt printing package:

  1. T-shirt design size
  2. Colours selected in the design
  3. Quantity of t-shirts
  4. T-shirt material
  5. Position of the design (printing on the sides require more manhours)

Free Direct Delivery With Every Order

Receiving a bag of freshly printed t-shirts that bears your creative design or the logo of your organisation always puts a smile on our clients’ face. And we love that moment whenever we hand over a completed set of printed t-shirts.

That’s why at T-Shirt Guys, we provide FREE delivery with every order!

We believe in creating a lifelong friendship with all our clients and this simple flexibility and convenience we provide is but a simple step towards that direction.

Because we aren’t just printing a design onto a t-shirt.

We want to help you materialise this unique identity into something you will be proud to wear.