5 Tactful Things to Ask a T-Shirt Printing Company Singapore

Before jumping into printing t-shirts or any apparels, have you ever considered the potential questions you should be asking to avoid any unpleasant experience? If you have not or have no idea what the important ones to ask are, fret not. Here’s a quick walkthrough of the key questions to enquire about, carefully compiled.


1.What Printing Options Do I Have?

There are many different types of t-shirt printing methods available, like silkscreen printing, dye sublimation, digital printing, vinyl transfer, and more. Each printing method is unique and comes with its own positives and negatives and is suitable for certain requirements you have. After getting your printing provider to provide you with a breakdown of your options, select one that best fits with your printing needs like the volume and budget. Different companies may also specialise in specific techniques, so work with them to understand better and decide on your best choice.


2.Are There Hidden Fees?

Sometimes, the upfront prices a printing company shows you may not reveal hidden fees. They may only appear after you have done business with them at the very end. Therefore, to prevent an unpleasant situation where you are “surprised” with a bigger bill than expected, make sure any hidden fees, if any, are made transparent to you. Get your provider to explain the cost breakdowns at the start before agreeing to hand your money over. Check for set-up costs and costs involved in, say, amendments to your design, colour or font. Some companies may charge for such changes. Even shipping and handling fees may come into play, and cost you an additional hefty amount.


3.What Is the Turnaround Time?

If you are in a hurry to get your design printed for whatever the reason may be, you will want to be clear on the time needed to complete your order. Some companies may be faster and vice versa to process orders, and this of course also depends on your order requirements. If you are pressed for time, it makes sense to choose one that is more efficient while not compromising on the quality over one that is slower.


4.What Digital File Variations Are Accepted?

You do not want to settle on a print provider only to realise that they do not accept a particular file type that you give to them. It would be a waste of time and effort, so make sure you know what is welcomed and what is not. Luckily, most print providers accept a wide range of file types so long as the resolution and size are reasonable. Some providers may have their own preferences for particular printing methods, so make sure to ask!


5.What Ink Type Is Used in Silkscreen Printing?

Yes, even the kind of ink used can lead to variations in the result of your prints! Inks are mainly categorised into 2 types: water-based and plastisol. As its name suggests, plastisol is derived from its property as a plastic-based ink. Water-based ones are created by mixing water with pigment or dye. Each of these inks are suitable for different requirements like t-shirt material, colour and cost.


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