6 Ways to Reuse Used T Shirts

There comes a time when we have to say goodbye to our old or worn out t shirts. After the long, memorable years of wearing your beautifully made t shirts, whether they were made using custom t shirt printing or embroidery or silk screen printing or just simple printing, they will always have a place in your heart. It is often the case that people throw away school or class t shirts. But wait, don’t just throw these shirts straight into the bin and leave the silk screen or embroidery prints or custom printing to waste! Listen up, because here we have some of the most creative and easy ways to reuse your t shirts and continue serving a purpose!

1. Dog Toys
Cut and tie them into thick knots, and throw them to your dog. Then sit back, relax and watch as your dog enjoys its new chew toy! Hours of fun for your dog and not a single cent spent! You can play fetch with it, let your dog carry it around or of course, chew it to its heart’s content!


2. Cut Out Embroidery or Designs as Covers
It would be such a shame if your t shirt used silk screen printing or had wonderful embroidery or custom made printing t shirt designs and you were just going to throw them away. What a waste or art. Instead, cut out the fabric, making sure you cut along with the t shirt printing designs such that you keep the designs intact. Then, use them as chair seat, pillow covers, blankets, or other covers, to keep the dust out in the most fashionable way!



3. Friendship Bands, Wristbands or Headbands
You can easily find images of various types of cool bands made with reused materials such as your silk screen printed shirts. Just follow those DIY videos or pictures while cutting up your old t shirts and voila! Gone are the days where you needed to waste more money to purchase these wearables!

4. Bags, bags, bags
Used t shirts are perfect for making bags! Being the perfect size and shape, just spend a mere ten minutes to transform your t shirts into tote bags, by cutting off the sleeves and sewing the bottoms together. Feeling more adventurous? You can try your hand at creating a net backpack using t shirts, or even baskets! For the ultimate challenge, you could attend workshops to roll strips of your used shirts and knit them together into rolls, to create round circles of gradually increasing sizes. Sowing them up would create spirals of circles that when completed, would look like a lovely round handbag as shown in the picture below. However, these would require more work and skill and money for the workshops, but it is all worth it if you want to preserve your t shirt printing or embroidery and silk screen printing designs in the best possible way.

5. Make unique homemade DIY House Projects
Take it a step further and cut up your custom, more durable t shirts to make beautiful items in your house. Things many people have made with used t shirts include plant hangers, light fixtures, rugs, pillows, quilts, cup and pot holders and many more unique home decor, as featured here.

6. Tie dye Tank Tops and even Skirts!
Of course, you also won’t go wrong with turning your used t shirts into chic, retro or unique tops, like tie dye shirts or tank tops. See your t shirt, with its custom printing, embroidery or silk screen printing, magically transform into a one of a kind and unique piece of clothing! Just cut them up in whatever way you want and customize its look, shape and size to your heart’s desire. A perfect example is shown below. There are numerous videos online teaching you to do just that. Let those creative juices flow!


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