All about Embroidery

As a business owner, if you’re looking for something luxe on your company apparels, turn your head over to embroidery printing. It may be just the thing you’re looking for!

 A Background of Embroidery Printing

Embroidery printing is basically using coloured thread to stitch onto fabrics like t-shirts to create patterns and designs. It results in a premium, 3-dimensional effect you can touch that’s not found in other printing methods. Some common materials used to embroider include linen, wool, silk, cotton and many more!


Stitching the Process Together

Before the actual embroidery begins, a digital embroidery design file is created. In order to be recognised by the computerised embroidery machine, this file must be saved into a stitch file format. The design is then inserted into the machine. The machine user must direct it to use certain needles and directions.

Next, the t-shirt to be embroidered on will be firmly framed onto the machine. The frame serves as a sturdy support to secure the t-shirt. Proper framing is key to prevent any image misalignment. After positioning the t-shirt, the machine kicks start and uses thousands of needles and coloured thread to complete your desired design. Voila!

Advantages and Disadvantages

As mentioned above, embroidery printing gives off a premium, professional effect of high-quality. This is why many businesses opt for embroidery printing. It is also durable, long-lasting and able to tolerate high temperatures and washes. The thousands of thread colours offered means that you can have a field day deciding what you want. Every design is uniquely customised to the fullest extent. Fully coloured designs can also be embroidered without much extra cost.

However, unlike silk screen printing, the price will not decrease with a greater quantity of prints. Efficiency rates will not be significantly reduced since every piece of embroidery has to start from the very beginning. Therefore, it’s typically more expensive than silk screen printing.

Despite being able to print a myriad of colours, embroidery printing cannot be used to print gradient or complicated designs. Although small individual names and numbers can be embroidered, bigger ones are not advised to be done because of the high configuration costs. Neither are large designs and logos either.

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