Class Camaraderie 2020- Class T-Shirt / Group T-Shirt/ Team-building T-Shirt

Class of Camaraderie 2020

Did you know?
Camaraderie comes from the word ‘camarade’ in French, or ‘comrade’ and it first appeared in English in the middle of the 19th century. The word meant “companion”. Camaraderie is often taken for granted, but is a privilege to have among a community of people you trust. Camaraderie promotes group loyalty, that results in a shared commitment to and discipline towards pursuing and achieving the same goal.

In school, your class and classmates are crucial in playing a part towards motivating you to work harder, because you are all in this together. Whether it is to struggle through PSLE, complete N or O levels, finish mugging for 12, 13 or 14 whole years of education and ending off with A levels certificate, or a diploma, your classmates are right beside you, for better or worse.

With T-Shirt Guys at Singapore, we are dedicated to providing you with the most affordable and cheap, yet reliable t shirt printing with customizable designs, to show off your class camaraderie and team spirit. Memorialize your experiences with your classmates forever by custom designing your own class t shirts. Be it through embroidery or silk screen printing you can count on T-Shirt Guys Singapore to custom design your class t shirts. With our expertise, we will provide printing of t shirts of the highest quality in Singapore. Whatever your class t shirt design is, rest assured that we will provide top-notch t shirt printing results and a variety of t shirt models to choose from. We are the leading custom t shirt printing providers in Singapore.

Don’t forget that class t shirts are a sure-fire, fool-proof and well-established way of developing class camaraderie. With them, motivation for developing and strengthening a sense of class identity will organically form. This will encourage classmates to have mutual respect for one another, and gradually and psychologically allow one another to form close and tight-knit relationships.
A custom printed graduation or class T-shirt will be worn for years and years, and students will wear them with pride. When nostalgia hits, a class t shirt is all one needs to remember the good old times and memories shared among classmates and friends. To have a physical object like a class t shirt, as evidence of spending all those years together, as a class, would be the best way of immortalizing the past memories. Reminiscing about the past is not the same without a class t shirt, and custom designed at that.

What designs should you have on your class t shirt?
When trying to decide on what type of message is appropriate for your custom class T-shirt or graduation t shirt, you need to take a look at the overall picture. The year of the class should be taken into consideration. Whatever design you choose must represent the spirit of the class and all of its students. We have printed numerous class t shirts and we can tell you that there is no one design fits all. There were students who requested for all the names of their classmates to be printed at the front or back, and there were those who printed their class mottos. Still others had their school logos printed, or even their class mascot! Some had quirky drawings of their classmates included, while others had their class names proudly displayed for all to see.
It is really up to you and your classmates, but just know that we will guarantee the best quality of t shirts at cheap, if not cheapest prices. We are highly experienced working with embroidery, Vinyl Printing or silk screen t shirts to know how best to serve you and your class.
We also know that it really does not matter how long or short your journey is or was with your class. All that matters is the quality of the moments you spend or have spent together. Class and school pride should never be taken for granted, for these are significant times in your lives that will never happen again. Never forget the relationships you have created with your classmates, your friends, your teachers, your cohort mates, your alma mater. These relationships you have forged should stay strong, and you must continue to have social support networks for one other to ride the tide and waves of stress, heavy workloads and uncertain futures ahead.

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