Custom T-Shirt Printing Services Singapore

Custom t-shirt printing is an ideal way to bring groups of people much closer together. It has been tested by groups of individuals in many different industries, and proven to help people warm up and connect to each other quickly.

After all, nothing shouts how similar we are like a pair of beautiful matching t-shirts with a unique and exclusive design no one else shares.

The best part?

Not only are these t-shirts unique to your group, it also contains that creative touch factory-churned clothes lack.

Huge Number of Options for Customising

So how do you go about with a custom t-shirt printing service with us?

Based on the artwork you sent, we will measure the size of the design against the materials required to come up with a quotation for the expected workmanship involved.

As there are a vast number of styles for your t-shirts to come to life, depending on size, material or even type of the shirt, the quote could increase with an increased in complexity.

However, this attention to detail gives you the assurance that we’re committed to bringing your creation to life in exactly the way you envisioned it.

Some examples of popular t-shirt materials to consider include dri-fit to cotton, short-sleeved to long-sleeved, V-neck to round-neck and many more!

Variety of Printing Methods

Specific printing types can also be chosen for your desired effect – let your shirts shine! Here’s what they are and what they’re best used for:

  • Silk Screen: This method transfers your design onto the fabric through a fine screen or mesh. Best for large orders as the screen will have to be specially printed with your design!
  • Digital Heat Transfer: Also known as Iron-on heat transfer, your design is printed on the film side of the heat transfer medium (such as hear transfer paper paper) and pressed onto the fabric. While this can wear away after numerous washes, it can be printed on all kinds of materials in many colours.
  • Dye Sublimation: Your design is printed using sublimation of heat sensitive inks – sublimation refers to when solid turns immediately into its gaseous form without changing into liquid first. This only works on white and light coloured polyester material, but your designs can withstand many laundry cycles!
  • Embroidery: For the most stunning effect of thread or yarn done in your design, embroidery can be considered. It will definitely make your t-shirts even more exclusive as the thread and colours has to be carefully handpicked to your liking! Very popular for polo t-shirts.
  • Direct to Garment: This uses inkjet technology to transfer your design onto the surface, best with 100 per cent cotton surfaces as the ink has to match the material printed upon. While considerably expensive compared to previous options, it is environmentally friendly!
  • Foil: A metallic foil heated into the surface of solid objects will give your design a sophisticated touch!

We Customise More than Just T-Shirts

To spice things up even more, we also offer t-shirt printing services for most of your favourite apparels! Need a cool squad jacket or a specially customised apron?

We have you covered.

Plus, we also do hoodies, windbreakers and caps, almost anything you want to imprint your special designs on.

And if you are looking for stationery and other accessories, tote bags, notebooks and other items are also available in our extensive catalogue!

To get started, simply fill in our easy-to-use form on our How to Order page, and we'll contact you within 48 hours to get your custom t-shirt printing started.

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