Digital Heat Transfer Printing Singapore

Digital heat transfer printing specialises in using heat transfer technology to produce full-coloured t-shirt printing at affordable prices for small quantity orders.

Your design is first printed onto a special type of industry-grade printing paper, before being transfer to the t-shirt through the aid of a heat press machine. Hence the term - digital heat transfer.

The key advantage?

You'll get a nice soft-touch feel on your t-shirts instead of the plastic feel with hardly any visible bleeding lines along the edges of your t-shirt design.

Versatile Printing Method for Any Apparel

And because the designs are first printed onto a separate piece of paper, it introduces flexibility and versatility to the entire printing process.

This is unlike the more popular silkscreen printing method which is often limited to t-shirts. Instead, heat transfer works for almost all types of apparel, allowing you to further express your creativity.

After all, these designs are physically heat pressed directly onto your apparel. That means, the apparel doesn't have to go through a printing machine which poses a problem for head wear apparels like hats and caps.

Instead, by observing the three key components of heat transfer, we can bring your design onto any of the following apparels:

  • T-shirts
  • Polo T-shirts
  • Varsity Jackets
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Windbreakers
  • Singlets
  • Caps
  • And much, much more.

How It Works

While there are two main types of heat transfer printing, at T-Shirt Guys, we prefer the digital heat transfer method.

The main difference from vinyl heat transfer printing is that the designs are printed in reverse onto the printing paper.

You may want to think of it like a sticker tattoo where the designs are in reverse so you can "print" it onto your skin. The concept is roughly the same except the effect is now on a larger scale and much more permanent in nature.

Naturally, there is also the heat transfer machine involved.

What makes this process a success is the t-shirt printer's skill set in controlling the temperature of the machine, the pressure involved, and the time span of the printing.

Over-adjusting for any of these 3 components could result in the image getting smudged or "burned". While the opposite would result in an ordinary t-shirt without your masterpiece design on it.

Is Digital Heat Transfer Printing for You?

Given the complexity involved, there are several other points for you to consider if this is the right t-shirt printing method for you.

Advantages to Consider:

  • Cheaper for Lower Volume Printing - perhaps the most obvious reason, you get full coloured printing for small volume printing
  • Personalised Customisation - again due to the lower quantity, you can easily personalise each t-shirt
  • Full Coloured Designs - unlike embroidery which uses threads for additional colours making the design bulky, you get the full scope of colours without any additional thickness
  • Wider Range of Fabric Options - you can create matching outfits with your design as you're not limited to the usual tees and polo tees

Disadvantages to Consider:

  • Limited Lifespan - While technology has helped increase the lifespan of the designs, it will still fade with repeated wear and tear
  • Minimum Material Fabric Thickness - As heat is being applied, there is a certain degree of thickness required as thinner fabrics are more likely to burn from the heat
  • Size of the Designs - Large customised designs are also not recommended as the printing paper has limited dimensions

Given the various pros and cons of the heat transfer method, we recommend you reach out to us first if you have any questions. Because while it is an economical choice for most clients, the rates and fees varies depending on the dimension and location of your design and the quantity.

We'll be happy to assist you and help you decided which printing method might be more suitable for your needs.

Get Your T-Shirt Printed Today

Once you've decided that digital heat transfer is the right choice for your t-shirt printing needs, do reach out to us via our How to Order page.

We'll require some details and information about your printing requirements to give you a proper quotation and advice.

Most importantly, do have the design ready and the type of apparel and fabric you want printed on. With this information on hand, we can start preparing for your project.

We can't wait to bring your masterpiece onto something you're proud to wear and display. test

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