Discovering Digital Heat Transfer Printing

Think about vibrant, full-coloured, even gradient prints on your apparels – all without the heavy price tag of silkscreen printing. Yes, it’s possible!

Welcome to the world of digital heat transfer printing in Singapore. Find out more about this savvy printing practice below!

What It is?

As its name suggests, digital heat transfer printing mainly uses heat to print images on apparels with heat transfer paper. Heat transfer machines have gradually evolved over time to produce better printing results and get rid of problems like inconsistent temperature.

A Walk-through of the Printing Process

First and foremost, your design is prepared to be printed onto an inkjet printer. A suitable heat transfer paper is selected, preferably inkjet transfer papers. It is key to print a mirror image of the design on the film side of the paper.

Next, the heat press machine is powered up. The heat and pressure exerted are the two crucial components of the entire printing process. Hence, the pressure is carefully controlled and set between medium to high. A timer is used so that the printing result is undamaged.

Any excess transfer paper is trimmed off.

Your t-shirt is then placed at the bottom platen of the machine, stretched and properly fitted. The heat transfer papers are laid on top of the shirt, face down. We may protect it with a parchment paper.

The top of the heat press is pushed down and the machine works its magic. Once done, your t-shirt is removed, the transfer paper is peeled off and voila – your design, beautifully printed.

Yay or Nay?

Looking to print snazzy class t-shirts with full coloured designs? This is an ideal option because digital heat transfer printing offers vibrant designs and easy customization for that complex image in mind.

What’s more, it goes easy on your pockets with no extra cost for printing complicated coloured images. There is no colour restriction as well, which means you can go wild with your colour choices.

You can also choose from a huge range of t-shirt fabrics and materials to print on, including dri-fit t-shirts, cotton t-shirts, hoodies and even sportswear.

Of course, as wonderful as it seems, this printing technique also has its own drawbacks.

If washed too often, the image can be peeled off or crack slightly over time, although technology has allowed printing to last more washes today.

It may be affordable for small printing quantities, but it will still cost more if you need larger designs printed.

Therefore, T-Shirt Guys will recommend the type of printing methods that is suitable for your design and type of t-shirt material to go with! Visit our website Enquire with us now at or alternately Whatsapp us @97117732 to get your T-Shirt QUOTE NOW!

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