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In recent years, T-shirt embroidery has brought a new level of personalisation for individuals and corporations wanting a premium aesthetics to their t-shirt designs.

Gone are the ancient days where embroidery involved the delicate handcraft of carefully sewing coloured threads on clothing for hours on end.

Instead, with technology, computerized embroidery has enabled the precise mass threading of fabric within a shorter period of time.

Giving you the assurance, your T-shirts and apparel will be accurately stitched with the most durable threads, while guaranteeing the professional look and feel you desire.

After all, unlike the other forms of t-shirt printing services, embroidery fundamentally still involves intricate needlework to achieve those pretty finishing you’ll find on any beautiful piece of fabric.

Yes, fabric. That means, beyond just t-shirts, embroidery allows you to bring your creative designs onto a wider range of apparels.

Perfect For Customised Corporate Apparels

If you’re planning a special design for a company event, or would like to add your corporate logo onto a team’s cap or say a windbreaker, then embroidery is a great way to achieve your desired effect.

Here’s why:

  • Quality – Embroidery provides a professional, classy look difficult to achieve with other forms of t-shirt printing
  • Costs – You can embroider multiple colours at no additional costs as they’re just different coloured threads
  • Durability – The thread/yarn used are made to withstand heat, and the colours do not fade easily hence embroidered designs are long-lasting

Popular Materials Our Customers Love to Embroider On

Whether you’re sourcing for a cohesive company tee or looking to plaster your logo on your products, embroidery can be used for a wide range of purposes. In most cases, our customers usually choose to imprint their company logo, a slogan, an icon, or in some cases, personalised names.

Regardless of the design or text you wish to embroider, we’re happy to announce we can help you with any of the following materials:

  • Polo T-shirts (Most Popular)
  • Caps
  • Workwear
  • Business Uniforms
  • Jackets / Hoodies
  • Towels
  • Singlets / Tank-tops
  • Bag/Purses

The Stitches In Every T-Shirt Embroidery

The procedure involved in embroidering your T-shirt or apparel is fairly straight-forward:

  1. For starters, we will review your logo and design to tie up any irregularities of the lines and shapes.
  2. We will then digitize the design to create a digital embroidery design file. This file is used to plot the stitch movement for the embroidery machine. The most suitable colour, stitch types and stitching angles are factors that will be decided by the digitizer.
  3. Next, we create a sample to ensure the intended design is achieved. At this stage, we will take into consideration factors such as the suitability of the stitch type for the fabric type, colours of the thread, small text and graphic components, and of course, the overall look of the apparel.
  4. Once the sample is approved, each t-shirt is firmly framed onto the machine which serves as a sturdy support to hold the material in place. This prevents misalignment during the actual embroidery process.
  5. Finally, the embroidery machines will kick start and use thousands of needles and coloured threads to imprint your desired design onto the material.

Disadvantages & Limitations To Take Note Of

While the premium aspects of an embroidered shirt is something to boast about, there are several limitations which might make other forms of custom t-shirt printing more suitable.

We’ve included some of the common disadvantages below:

  • Costs – Embroidery can be more expensive than silk screen printing
  • Complexity – Gradient colours and abstract designs cannot be accomplished with embroidery
  • Size – Due to the higher set-up costs involved, embroidering large designs will bring the cost up astronomically

A Rich Ancient History Behind Every Design

Despite the limitations that bring out a higher price point for embroidery, there’s a wealth of history justifying its premium rates.

Over and beyond the exquisite results, you’ll be please to know embroidery is an ancient art that has been around from as early as the 5th century BC. During the warring states period of ancient China.

These stitching techniques have seen many different forms across the years, in as many different places and regions, yet they are still principal for the techniques used today.

We’re talking about stitching techniques like the Chain Stitch, Running Stitch, Stem Stitch, Satin Stitch, Blanket Stitch, and Cross Stitch to name a few.

You’ll find such delicate embroidery artwork on many traditional and cultural clothing, calligraphy, robes, uniforms, pouches, and much more.

It’s no surprise then that embroidery was seen as a sign of social status among many Muslim societies from the Medieval Islamic world.

Symbol of Prosperity For Modern Days

Given how this ancient art was time-consuming and involved many hours of physically weaving needle, thread, and fabric to create a masterpiece, not everyone could afford an embroidered item.

Thankfully, with technology today, we’re able to use state-of-the-art embroidery machines to produce similar results in a shorter period of time.

Giving you the same premium and prestigious impression for a fraction of the price.

While t-shirt embroidery is largely a more premium range of printing service, they’re still highly affordable for the results they produce.

And at T-Shirt Guys, we’re happy to transform your design into a beautiful and masterful piece of embroidered art you’ll be proud to put on.

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