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10 Reasons to Give Us a Call Today

  • 1 We provide FREE t-shirt printing advice so you need which type of printing will suit your needs.
  • 2 We help you uncover the type of material that will fit your printing budget.
  • 3 Not sure how to go about creating a unique identity for yourself or your organisation? Talk to us and we'll share with you what we've done for our many clients.
  • 4 We've worked with clients from ALL walks of life, from corporations, SMEs, schools, classes, bands, religious groups, you name it.
  • 5 We are one of the most affordable t-shirt printing companies in Singapore.
  • 6 That doesn't mean we skimp on quality, on the contrary, we take pride in giving our clients crisp clear designs that really stands out.
  • 7 We have an actual industrial printing shop so you are assured that we actually print all our orders ourselves and will never outsource to a third-party. This means we have better quality control and assurance for our clients.
  • 8 We become friends with almost all our clients. (But hey, if you prefer not to talk to us again after your order, we'll be a little sad but we understand and respect everyone's need for introversion)
  • 9 We are not pushy and speaking with us doesn't force or commmit you to decide to work with us.
  • 10 And yes, we provide FREE delivery with every order. All you have to do is drop us a call or whatsapp today to speak with us.
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Here's What You Get Printing With Us

  • Hate waiting for your order to get completed? We do too, that's why when you place an order, we'll give you an accurate waiting time estimate based on our current backlog.
  • Why some prints fade away after a couple of washes - Choosing the right type of print, the right type of material, the right type of placement is critical for long lasting prints.
  • Crisp, clear and beautiful printing you'll be proud of - And so will the group that you're enquiring for whether it's to boost company morale, create cohesion among colleagues, build a common identity and much more.
  • Three common printing mistakes people make when considering t-shirt printing - we'll advice you every step of the way on how to get beautiful prints that fit your budget.
  • The difference between printing text and printing images and how to make logos "pop".
  • Stress-free and Fretless services by a team with hundreds and thousands of printing experience.
  • Paypal, PayNow, Paylah, or Bank Transfer? How about any one of them? We're a registered vendor with many platgforms so you don't have to jump around hoops just to make payment.
  • Low minimum order quantity that saves you money if you're printing for a much smaller group.
  • Get an instant and accurate quote that makes it easier to decide on what you need. You'll also never be surprised with any hidden fees or costs.

Types of T-Shirt Printing Services We Can Assist You With

From t-shirts to singlets, jackets, shirts, towels, caps, hats, you name it. We're here to help you create that brand or identity you and your team will love.

After all, many different types of printing styles are available in the market. (We are familiar with almost every single one of them, including the latest technology in the market. It can get confusing deciding which is the best style that will suit your need.

That's why we are here to help you understand your requirements and find the best printing service that fits your budget.

And speaking with us is free with absolutely no obligation to work with us. (We'll be a little sad if you decide not to, but we understand you would want to make some comparisons first.)

So, why not fill in the form on this page or drop us a message right now and let's get your t-shirt printing started?

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