Silkscreen T-shirt Printing Singapore

Silkscreen T-shirt Printing is definitely one of the printing options that you want to consider if you are looking for something cost-efficient and durable!

Traditionally tried and tested, Silkscreen printing is one of the oldest forms of cloth-printing, since the Song Dynasty in China.

Naturally, this technique has been drastically refined over the years, especially with technology, to give you quality t-shirts every time!

Whether it is a corporate t-shirt or a school attire you want to design, the technique behind silkscreen printing enables for simple designs to be printed quickly, thereby making this option one of the cheapest options available too.

Beautiful Crisp Prints at Amazingly Cheap Prices

The reason why Silkscreen Printing is one of the cheapest options available is due to the lower costs in starting up the printing machinery. As you print a large quantity of t-shirts, the start-up costs get spread over the large quantity thereby making silkscreen printing cost-efficient.

Not only is Silkscreen printing very cost-efficient, it is also very efficient in terms of time taken to produce the t-shirts. Amazingly, due to the latest silkscreen technology, machines can print up to 2000 t-shirts in just under an hour! This saves labour costs in producing the t-shirts, hence bringing down the overall t-shirt printing cost.

And thanks to the photo emulsion technique, it gives silkscreen printing those beautiful crisp prints.

Unfortunately, there are certain downsides to this amazing custom t-shirt printing services.

Given its large scale nature, it is only suitable for designs in few solid colours as the technique is limited in terms of producing complex designs with gradients.

Hence, you may want to consider Silkscreen Printing for your t-shirts if you are looking to print more than 50 t-shirts and have a relatively simple design. And by simple design, we mean a design with 3 colours or less, and do not require a gradient print. Some examples can include printing logos or company names on your t-shirt!

A Long-Lasting T-shirt that is Worth the Investment

And it is not just affordable and efficient, but the t-shirts produced from this technique is very long-lasting! Due to the durable nature of the ink used by our company in this technique, you can be sure that your t-shirt will on average last a span of 5 years (provided you maintain your t-shirts properly).

To ensure that your silkscreen-printed t-shirt lasts, all you need is a simple machine wash with mild detergent. You will see that even after years of wear, the ink on your t-shirt will show little to no signs of fading or cracking!

A Sneak Peek Behind the Popular Printing Technique

Here’s a quick glimpse of how we do Silkscreen printing, so that you would understand the costs and time involved.

  1. We will first create a stencil using a high-quality image (at least 300 dpi). The image would be printed onto a transparent overlay, with the printed areas the parts to be inked.
  2. Next, a screen mesh will be coated with a dried, light-sensitive emulsion.
  3. As we expose the screen mesh to UV light, the areas exposed to the light will remain intact while the remaining areas will wash off. This leaves a negative image on the stencil.
  4. We will place the stencil on your t-shirt, and the screen mesh on top of the stencil. After that, we will flood the frame with ink.
  5. In the last step, we will remove everything off the t-shirt to reveal the print!

Want to Print using Silkscreen? Here’s How to Get Started

T-shirt Guys is proud to announce that we have a variety of types of t-shirts that we can print for you using silkscreen printing! Below is a list of the types of t-shirts available for printing.

Types of T-shirts available for printing

  • T-Shirts
  • Polo T-Shirts
  • Varsity Jackets
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Singlets

If you are looking to order a minimum of 50 pieces, have a simple design, and want an affordable alternative, Silkscreen printing is the way to go for you!

Here’s how you can get started with us -- once you have a design (of minimum 300 dpi in quality), you can drop us a call or use our contact form on this website.

Also, remember to include the following specifications in your enquiry so that we can help serve you better:

  • Type of T-shirt (Refer to the list above for the types available for printing)
  • Colour of T-shirt (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black)
  • Position of Image (Front or Back of T-shirt)
  • Size of Image (Your image should be in the original size file, do inform us of the size you require so that we can resize It for you.)

With your request and enquiry, do expect a call back or email from us within 1-2 working days, with a proper quotation for each printed t-shirt as well as the request for your order confirmation. We are happy to tell you that we also provide FREE delivery with every order! At T-shirt Guys, we believe in providing maximum satisfaction for you, from the moment of ordering to the production and delivering the t-shirts.

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