Sublimation Printing Singapore

Sublimation printing is a unique t-shirt printing technique where the printing ink is sublimated into the fabric at high temperatures.

Giving you a long-lasting custom designed t-shirt with a continuous plethora of brilliant colours.

This technique is very different from many of the other t-shirt printing method we have available, which makes this technique very unique and attractive! Unlike other techniques that print ink directly onto the surface of the fabric, sublimation printing causes the ink to be integrated into the fabric.

The result is an all-over printed t-shirt with softer yet longer lasting quality.

Sublimation printing is therefore a great choice, whether you are looking to print a colourful t-shirt for your company or school sports attire!

An Unlimited Selection of Colours to Choose From

One of the greatest perks here is the endless choice of colours at your disposal. Unlike embroidery where you're limited to the thread's colour, here have free range in your t-shirt design!

This technique instead mixes 4 different colour pigments, enabling up to 200 different colours to be printed onto your t-shirt.

The plethora of colours is literally unmatched in the t-shirt printing world, a feat even sublimation printing have to bow to.

Yet despite the number of colours included, it doesn’t add to the overall cost of your printing order. Making this method of custom t-shirt printing highly affordable for such a wide range of colours.

That said, unfortunately, this custom t-shirt printing method does have limited options in terms of t-shirt materials.

Achieving both Comfort and Durability

At the same time, sublimation printing is also easily one of the most comfortable options when it comes to t-shirt printing.

Due to the integration of ink into the fabric, the printed ink cannot be felt at all by the person wearing the t-shirt.

As t-shirt wearers, we understand the need for comfort when cloth touches skin. And since the possibility of discomfort from ink tearing off is removed, this technique guarantees maximum satisfaction for users seeking comfort in what they wear.

Not only do you enjoy a lighter and airy feeling, you’ll be glad to know your t-shirt designs are longer lasting as the ink has integrated to become a part of the fabric.

Each of your t-shirt are expected to last for 5 years (provided proper t-shirts care and maintenance is practice).  A simple machine wash with mild detergent is all you need to ensure your t-shirts lasts!

A Sneak Peek Behind Sublimation Printing

Here’s a quick glimpse of the sublimation printing technique, so that you can understand better the printing and labour costs involved.

As powerful as the process is, there are only 3 main items involved. The sublimation printer, transfer paper and the heat press.

With the items in place, there is a 2-step process to bringin your design to life:

  1. First, the sublimation printer prints heat-sensitive inks onto the transfer paper, in reverse format. The inks would cool from a gaseous state to solid state, and solidify on the transfer paper.
  2. Next, the inks would be converted back into gaseous form. Using a heat press, the inks would be subjected a specific level of heat and pressure until they turn into gas. The inks then infuse into the polyester t-shirt and solidify once the heat press is removed.

It's so simple yet the secret lies behind the printer's ability to control the temperature and knowing how long to apply the pressure onto the t-shirts to give you that beautiful bright design.

Interested? Here’s How to Get Started

If you are interested to create colourful, continuous designs that are durable, look no further!

Here’s how you can get started with us -- once you have a design (of minimum 300 dpi in quality, and in CMYK colour format), you can drop us a call or use our contact form on this website.

On top of the design, please remember to include the following specifications so that we can be better informed to serve you better:

  • Position of Image (Front, Back or Both)
  • Size of Image (Your image should be in the original size file, do inform us of the size you require so that we can resize it for you.)
  • Quantity of t-shirts (If you order more than 100 units, we would be glad to offer you a quotation of lower price!)

With your request and enquiry, do expect a call back or email from us within 1-2 working days, with a proper quotation for each printed t-shirt as well as the request for your order confirmation.

We are happy to tell you that we also provide FREE delivery with every order! In T-shirt Guys, we believe in providing maximum satisfaction for you, from the moment of ordering to the production and delivering the t-shirts.

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