Vinyl T-Shirt Printing Singapore

Vinyl T-shirt printing is the perfect choice if you are looking to produce bold and colourful graphics on your group’s matching tee.

Thinking of creating fluorescent prints that stand out?

Fret not! The technique behind vinyl t-shirt printing enables for a wide spectrum of colours and effects to be printed onto your t-shirt. Why, you can even choose to add special effects such as glitter or flock to your printed t-shirt if you want to further enhance the look of your t-shirt and truly stand out.

In fact, due to the large range of colours and effects available for vinyl printing, this method of t-shirt printing has become a great choice whether it is for your school sports attire, company tee, or simply just a fashion statement for yourself.

A Long-Lasting Printing Investment at an Affordable Price

Perhaps what makes vinyl printing a great investment is the longer lifespan nature of vinyl in and by itself. (We’re talking about 5 years or more, provided you maintain your tees properly)

Simply putting your vinyl printed t-shirts under machine wash with some mild detergent is about all you ever need to keep it clean and long lasting.

You’ll probably want to avoid sending it for dry cleaning or using chlorine bleach as they’re known to damage the vinyl material.

Instead, with simple machine wash, even after years of wear, your vinyl printed t-shirts will show little signs of design fading or cracking at the edges of the vinyl print.

Greater Degree of Personalisation for Everyone

Another great value of using this technique is, it allows for a high degree of personalisation for your team’s t-shirts. As vinyl printing requires little or close to no setup, t-shirts are easily personalized. Great when you need a matching attire for the entire team – when each player needs their own unique number and name)

That said, vinyl printing is kept affordable in smaller quantities as it mainly involves specialised manhour to produce each piece.

While the set-up time is considerably much shorter to other printing methods, each t-shirt does require its own set-up. So, you can begin to see why every additional piece of t-shirt will increase the cost exponentially.

We recommend keeping your orders to below 25 pieces for vinyl printing. (Just enough for most teams and groups)

The Ins and Outs of the Vinyl Printing Method

Here’s a quick glimpse behind the technique of vinyl t-shirt printing, so you understand the process costs involved and how the technique results in the affordable, durable prints.

  1. We will select a high-quality image (at least 300 dpi) to be transferred onto your t-shirt. Take note that the image should be of the original size you would like to be printed onto the t-shirt, and that the image is created out of vectors. This ensures the transfer would result in a print that is crisp and clear.
  2. After designing the image, it is ready to plot and cut. After which, you design needs to do weeding.
  3. The last step is where the magic occurs - the heat press! The weeded design is pressed onto the fabric using heat. After the required amount of time for the design to transfer onto the fabric, the press is lifted off, peel off the vinyl adhesive and the t-shirt is left to cool off.

Here’s How to Get Started with Vinyl Printing

If you are looking for a printing method that is affordable for small units, or desiring to create t-shirts with bold, bright and beautiful graphics, vinyl printing is the way to go for you!

Here’s how you can get started with us – once you have an image that is designed (do check that the quality fits our requirements as stated above!), do drop us a call or use our contact form on this website.

Also, remember to include the following specifications in your enquiry so we can help serve you better:

  • Colour of t-shirt (Black, White, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red)
  • Material of t-shirt (Cotton or dri-fit)
  • Image Position (Front of shirt, back of shirt)
  • Size of Image (Your image should be in the original size file, do inform us of the size you require so that we can resize it for you.)
  • Personalization required? (Yes or No. If yes, please specify the number of personalized t-shirts as well as the name/number you would like to see on each personalized t-shirt)

With your request and enquiry, do expect a call back or email from us with a proper quotation for each printed t-shirt as well as the request for your order confirmation.

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