Wardrobe Staple Guide- How to buy the best printed t-shirt

The versatility in t-shirts is unlike any other clothing piece. From positioning itself as workwear, comfy wear as well as a style symbol – t-shirts are well-travelled. They have seamlessly moved across the path of evolution and made a spot in almost every wardrobe (literally) on the planet. They have evolved from simple tie dyes to represent philosophies, freedom movements and played an important role in the spread of humour.

A t-shirt holds massive power to outlast seasons, trends and occasions. Buying a t-shirt is a long-term investment. If the material, style and print are wisely picked- the t-shirt can almost become an iconic heirloom.
Don’t be surprised to see your grandchild wearing it. ‘Hey, this belonged to my grandpa’.

Due to this versatile and timeless feature, custom printing of t-shirts is on the rise in Singapore. Since it wonderfully lasts across decades, people prefer customizing their t-shirts to suit their style preferences.

Here’s a quick guide about everything you need to know in order to buy the best printed t-shirt.

1. A t-shirt fit that flatters all

Right from the plain white tee to the t-shirt supporting revolutions and spreading social causal messages, t-shirt have given a voice to its wearers. But ‘fit’ is an equally important aspect that influences the ‘personality’ periphery. Sadly, many miss out on the ‘fit’.

The fit of a t-shirt speaks volumes about the personality of the wearer. Something that is pretty loose (almost baggy), sloppy on the shoulders and droopy due to the extra fabric communicates this – a lazy, extra-relaxed and carefree persona. The other extreme of this is a highly skin-fit to enhance each curve. This communicates a persona that is ‘full-of-oneself’.

Clearly the perfect fit is about getting the balance right. The best fit is one which enhances certain parts which you are confident about and hides the ones you are most conscious off.

Ensure that the t-shirt hits around the upper arm and shoulders in a manner that enough air is left to breathe. A flattering fit is one which neither clings onto your body, nor does it droop.

2. Getting the material right

Material should always be associated with comfort. So, how to go about picking a comfortable material?

a. Understand the weather condition. For instance, opt for cotton if the t-shirt is to be worn in hot climates.

b. What nature of event/ occasion is it for primarily? In case, it is for a white-collar event, opt for royal and premium looking material like cotton, polyester, poly-cotton blend or even silk. However, we all are unapologetically guilty of multi-purpose usage once the primary purpose is over. We use the t-shirt for almost every event (daily wear, lounge wear, office wear etc.) But it’s good to buy basis the primary purpose and then go onto wear it however desired.

3. Picking a printing method

Black Cotton RN Shirt with silkscreen printing

There are ample of printing methods available- silkscreen printing, digital printing, vinyl transfer, dye sublimation and a host of other printing methods. Each has something interesting about it.

For instance, you’ve picked polyester as the material, then dye sublimation is the apt printing method for all things polyester. The gaseous ink state leads to a completely washable and even image/print onto the polyester t-shirt. The end result is a smooth print. A lot of times the print/ brand logo which has to be printed onto the t-shirt decides as to which printing method will be best suited.

Vinyl Printing works best for jerseys and class tees. Say, you wish to print a number of name. Digital Heat Press is preferred for smaller quantities with full color print.

Consider the quantity and budget allocated before making your choice.

4. How to keep the price affordable

• Quantity matters. A higher quantity order will always cost you lesser.
• The design also influences cost of t-shirt printing in Singapore. The size of the design (calculated ‘per inch of fabric’) is taken into consideration. A larger print size will cost you more.
• Positioning of the design is another aspect to keep in mind. Printing on the sides will consume more man-hours which will further lead to higher pricing.

5. The quickest & effective color guide

Understanding color theories can take years. Here’s all you need to know to make the best t-shirt pick without having spent hours of confusion over colors.

The 3-liner summary goes like: –

• Timeless colors: White, Black, Navy blue, Grey
These colors will match with almost any bottom/ jacket that you have.

• Dark shades: Military Green, Navy Blue, Coffee, Burgundy
Stick to these colors if you sweat profusely or have a long day of errands planned.

• Vibrant Colors: Aqua, Pink, Mustard, Mauve
These colors infuse energy into your day. Pick any of these if you want to have a ‘truly LIT’ style.

At T-Shirt Guys Singapore, we enjoy partnering with brands in their journey to enhance customer retention, branding and catalyze marketing through customized t-shirts. As a custom t-shirt supplier, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with clients from all walks of life, in many different industries around Singapore. We house advanced t-shirt printing techniques which will help you achieve crisp, clear designs regardless of the type of material you want – all at cost-effective prices. We’d love to specially design a customized t-shirt to meet your brand’s marketing objectives.

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